Police Department

The Munising Police Department is made up of four patrol officers and the chief of police. Two of the patrol officers hold ranking positions so that we may offer the most efficient police services to the community as possible. The ranking positions are training sergeant and detective/lieutenant.

The chief of police is responsible for the department's supervisory and administrative duties along with some limited patrol and investigative activities. The chief of police receives direction from and answers to the city manager.


The detective/lieutenant is a trained crime scene technician/investigator. He handles investigations that are serious, complex and time consuming in nature. The det/lt. has supervisory responsibilities of chain of command in the chief's absence.

The sergeant is the department training officer and relieves the city of the burden of sending officers out of the community to acquire most of the mandated state training needs.

The duties of the officers of the police department include:

  • All aspects of criminal investigations
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Ordinance enforcement
  • Public relations activities


John Nelson, Chief 
(906) 387-2275 



** Winter Parking Ban **

From November 15 through April 15 of each year no vehicle shall be parked on any street between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., inclusive, within the city limits.

Any vehicle parked in violation of this Section may be removed or towed at the time it is ticketed for the third consecutive time during one winter season, defined as November 15 of any given year through April 15 of the year following. Removal will be under the direction of the City Police to any garage, or another place of storage in the city of Munising. The necessary costs of such removal and storage shall become a lien upon such vehicle, and the person or entity, including the city of Munising, into whose custody such vehicle is given, may retain it until the expenses involved have been paid.

For parking civil infraction violations (winter parking ban), the fines shall be as follows:

  1. For a first offense in any winter season $15.00
  2. For a second offense in any winter season $25.00
  3. For a third or subsequent offense in any winter season $40.00

Plus, in all cases, any cost to the city for removal and storage of said vehicle.