Public Works / Utilities

Department of Public Works

With a staff of seven, the Department of Public Works encompasses a wide array of city services which include repair, maintenance, sweeping and snow plowing of an average of 250+ inches of snow annually with continually updated equipment. Snow removal is also completed as time and weather permits for 2 miles of state trunkline, 7.5 miles of major streets and 11.5 miles of local streets and 25 miles of alleyways.

The Department of Public Works also performs

  • Gravel street maintenance
  • Tree trimming
  • Sign maintenance
  • Pavement marking
  • Pavement patching
  • Sidewalk plowing
  • Downtown street light replacement
  • Downtown seasonal decorating
  • Restoration of utility excavation
  • Annual residential spring and fall compost collection City wide
  • Grounds keeping, refuse collection and mowing for all City parks and recreation areas
  • Maintains the grounds, non-portable water supply and burials at the Maple Grove Cemetery

The Department of Public Works does its best in striving to meet the needs and requests of the city's residents as manpower, equipment and time permit.

(906) 387-5553 or (906) 387-2095 


  • Steve Dausey
  • Kaden Pellitier 
  • Kiel Rockhill
  • Jaden Treece Mechanic
  • Tom Anderson

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